Amin Abdul Rahman

Professional Health Planner @ Coway Malaysia

I am one of the Professional Health Planner (HP) in Coway Malaysia. HP is Coway’s wellness consultant who provides professional advice on products and services. In order to ensure the service quality, Health Planner is compulsory to attend training program and pass a qualification examination.

Coway acknowledges that customers are the basis for the business and acquire firm trust from them by respecting their opinion, providing them with services and benefits from their perspectives and continuously creating values for them.

Hence, Coway provides responsibility and duty for customers in Code and Ethics and recognizes customer as real business foundation. Coway strives to gain trust from customers through activities to enhance a value of customer.

As revealed in the management philosophy, ‘Tto Tto Sarang’, Coway is doing its best to develop customer oriented products and services that put customer values to top priority.

If you would like assistance in choosing the right COWAY product for you over the phone, please SMS to 0192807275 and I will contact you. Or, you may call me directly at 0192807275.