Air Technology

Coway places its customers first and has invested heavily in Research & Development to guarantee the finest, most advanced products in the world.
We are proud to claim that we have one of the largest environment technology R&D center in Asia. We ensure a ‘quality first’ commitment to our technology-oriented management and culture.

Currently, Coway operates three R&D centers with more than 210 R&D and quality management professionals on staff, which makes it possible for us to deliver the best quality air purifier products to our customers. We constantly test air filtration systems, air filters, efficiency for air cleaning, and technologies to reduce noise. Unlike other air purifier manufacturers, we manufacturer our own air filtration units, including the filters. Each and every unit is quality controlled and tested before leaving our factory.

We have a world-class facility and equipments to meet the diverse international requirements, including United State’s C.A.D.R (Clean Air Delivery Rate) ratings. This is our commitment to our customers to ensure cleanest air.

Coway Air Purifier Technology – Coway Malaysia

Removing the HI.AI VIRUS and Giving Peace of Mind

The HI AI Filter eliminates bird influenza, cold virus, and allergy causing substances by utilizing natural substances such as gingko leaves and synthetic enzyme. The Coway’s air cleaning system concerns your health in every perspective

Removing Sick House Syndrome and its causes with NEW HOUSE FILTER

New House Filter for new homes effectively removes substances that lead to Sick House Syndrome, which is known as the main cause of atopic dermatitis. Using Pt catalyst and AC deodorizing function that effectively eliminates the formaldehyde and VOCs(volatile organic compounds), New House Filter only leaves behind the joy of living in a new home.

What is Coway Anti-Flu Filter?

Coway air purifiers capture and inactivate the virus floating in the common indoor environment!

Using Coway Functional filter and HEPA filter is the most effective solution to prevent 2009 seasonal flu virus.

How the virus can be inactivated?
The compounded natural sterilizing substance from ginkgo and Japanese sumac extracts absorbs and destroys protein on the surface of virus, so that the virus is finally eradicated.

  • The filter configuration may vary depend on the models. Please contact Coway the applicable products and filters.
  • The filters will be available from Nov. 20th, 2009

How it can be Anti-Flu

  • The Virus is test by Dr. Shangheui Seo, a professor at Chungnam National University in South Korea.
  • Dr. Seo was given authorization to obtain and research the H1N1 virus and vaccine from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an officially collaborated institute of the World Health Organization. (WHO)
  • Chungnam University is the Biosafety level 3- laboratory, Obtained H1N1 virus for the first time in Korea from the US disease control center, officially collaborated institute of WHO.
  • Biosafety level 3: Certified to handle with indigenous or exotic agents which may cause serious or potentially lethal disease after inhalation.

Removing toxic heavy metals in the air YELLOW SAND FILTER

The Yellow Sand Filter delivers refreshing healthy spring air to the entire house by eliminating 98.8% of Yellow Sand, micro sand, SOx attached to dust, NOx, and spring time atmospheric pollutants.

*SOx : sulfur oxides

NOx : nitrogen oxides

Northern China and Mongolia are the origins of Yellow Sand during springtime. Yellow Sand is known to contain high concentrations of sand, heavy metals, and harmful gases. During this season, the dust concentration severely increases in Korea, China, and Japan, leading to higher occurrences of health problems such as rhinitis.

Experience Coway’s unique filtering technology. This technology generates a large amount of oxygen atoms and high energy electrons to effectively remove indoor air pollutants. The performance and the life of the RBD Plasma Filter Filter are enhanced while it suppresses the emission of ozone.

Eradicating LEGIONELLA, the source of summer illnesses

Legionella, which threatens summer health, occurs easily in air conditioners and infects through the respiratory system. Eliminating 99.9% of legionella, which is the source of legionnaires, the Legionella Filter is an essential purification system necessary for elders and children with weak immunity.