Throughout the world millions of people are subjected to allergies and asthma.

With all the different signs and symptoms the suffering caused can be great.

As an allergy sufferer you will be aware the market is full of products designed to provide relief, some more natural than others, however medication is not the only option available.

As with every medical condition the market is full of options offering relief some more natural than others.

Medication is not the only solution available to us. A great option for providing relief in a small or confined space is an air purifier.

Air purifiers are very accurately named, they do exactly that they filter the surrounding air of pollutants that can cause allergy or asthma attacks these pollutants generally include pollen and dust.

An air purifier does as the name suggests, by various filtration methods it removes pollutants from the air. Common things that provoke allergies include dust, pollen and dander.

The Iqair healthpro is an advanced piece of equipment and has some of the greatest variations in terms of settings and features. Why is this air purifier so different from everything else on the market?

It’s a documented fact and medical recommendations are available that show the Iqair healthpro can assist allergy sufferers and provide relief.

It can by using its advanced and numerous filtration capabilities extract pollutants and particles from the air, the iqair healthpro air purifier is so advanced it can clean air to a molecular level.

You don’t need to have a medical or allergy issue to reap the benefits of an air purifier.

Making use of an air purifier can provide health benefits to everyone. If you have a poor sleep patter or find regular sleep problematic an air purifier may help your cause as its evident that sleep becomes deeper and more settled which means when you wake in the morning you will have had a very peaceful and deep sleep.

This suggests that no matter whether for medical reason or just basic health anyone can benefit from the use of an air purifier.

As the leader of the water purifier industry in Korea since its establishment in 1989, Woongjin Coway is developing and producing environment friendly water purifiers, air purifiers, and water softeners. It annually produces 1 million water purifiers, 200,000 air purifiers and 10 million water purifying filters. Ninety five percent of all its manufacturing processes have been automated. Every year, 10 to 15% of its sales revenue is invested in new product development. Its product quality has been acclaimed worldwide by winning a number of certifications and awards. In addition, the Korean government has authorized its “Environment R&D Center” as an institute for water quality inspection.

Currently, more than one out of four Koreans use Coway water filtration devices, and one out of ten uses Coway’s air purifiers.

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