Reverse osmosis water filter systems offer the best protection by removing over 99.99% of many contaminants from your water! Compare Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Reverse osmosis water filters remove more impurities and harmful bacteria from water than carbon filters alone. By employing a reverse osmosis water filter on the counter, under the counter or for your whole home, you’ll know that:

* your water is 99% free of bacteria, cysts, lead, asbestos, arsenic, chlorination by-products and other harmful contaminants

* your family is safe from illnesses caused by micro-organisms in the water supply

* you have the best water filtration system available to provide you family with safe, clean water

How, exactly does a reverse osmosis water filtration system work?

* Water is first passed through a pre-filter screen to remove sediments from the water

* Next water is passed through an even smaller screen to remove very small particles (bacteria, heavy metals, etc)

* The third step is passing the water through a carbon filter to complete the filtration process

* As contaminants build up on the filtration screens, the reverse osmosis system uses water to wash the screens – called backwashing Reverse Osmosis water filtration, although it provides an extremely high level of water purity, does have one disadvantage – the need for backwashing to clean the filter screens wastes a lot of water. Some systems will waste two gallons of water for each gallon of purified water produced. Water pressure into the unit is also an issue with reverse osmosis water filters. If the water pressure going into the water filter is insufficient, a booster pump will be required to increase the pressure so that the water filter will work properly. We recommend the use of a booster pump with reverse osmosis systems to eliminate any worry about water pressure deficiencies or fluctuations on installation, or in the future.

As the leader of the water purifier industry in Korea since its establishment in 1989, Woongjin Coway is developing and producing environment friendly water purifiers, air purifiers, and water softeners. It annually produces 1 million water purifiers, 200,000 air purifiers and 10 million water purifying filters. Ninety five percent of all its manufacturing processes have been automated. Every year, 10 to 15% of its sales revenue is invested in new product development. Its product quality has been acclaimed worldwide by winning a number of certifications and awards. In addition, the Korean government has authorized its “Environment R&D Center” as an institute for water quality inspection.

Currently, more than one out of four Koreans use Coway water filtration devices, and one out of ten uses Coway’s air purifiers.

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