Did you know that there are separate local agencies which are responsible for supplying and treating the local tap water? The source, and standards for each agency can be very different. However, don’t worry over 90% of the systems pass the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards for tap water quality.

That being said, there are other problems with tap water. The Environmental Working Group found about 260 contaminants, in 42 states, from testing public water supplies. Among the contaminants were 141 chemicals which currently have no safety standards, or no method for eliminating the contaminants from the water supply. The Environmental Working Group is blaming the EPA for the oversight.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) insists that healthy people who consume only small amounts of these contaminants will be fine. However, large quantities should be avoided.

Please note: According to the Natural Resources Defense Council pregnant women, small kids, the elderly, people who suffer from a chronic illness, or with a weak immune system are encouraged to request a copy of your annual local water quality report to discuss with your doctor.

If your local water fails to meet the standards of the EPA you should receive a notice. This notice usually comes via either mail, newspaper, radio, or TV. This notice should list some precautions you can take in order to make certain your drinking water is safe.

You can get rid of disease-carrying organisms by boiling your water for about one minute. Another way to disinfect your water is to use common household bleach or iodine. This will give you safe drinking water during an emergency such as floods. Better still why not use a water filter? Water filters are your best defense against dirty water.

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