In recent years, people have become more concerned about where their water comes from and what their water includes, and have begun to worry about the overall safety of tap water due to factors like decontamination residue.

Coway has over 15 years of experience manufacturing water filtration system and dedicates to develop the most advanced water filtration technology for a better life for everyone in the world. The company applies the Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filter which is the most reliable water filter system in the current market to all Coway water filtration units and invests more than $30million on water related Research & Development per year. Therefore Coway delivers the best quality water to the user.

Coway Water Filtration Technology – Coway Malaysia

Filtering Stage

Construction of Coway R.O Membrane Filter


R/O is a technical breakthrough initially developed by the U.S. government to provide fresh drinking water for the Navy. The Reverse Osmosis process uses waterline pressure to push raw tap water against a special semipermeable membrane. In this sophisticated molecular squeezing process, H20 molecules tend to separate from the contaminants in your tap water. The water molecules then pass thru to the inside of the membrane, and on to the reservoir – ready for our fresh daily use. The rejected particles and contaminants are washed from the membrane and down the drain.

Construction of COWAY R/O Membrane Filter

Coway’s Safety Features