• Anti-Flu HEPA Filter Removes Influenza Viruses
  • Legionella Filter – filters Legionella, Staphylococcuss Aureus and other bacteria.
  • Eliminate Cigarette Odors within Minutes
  • Futuristic Air Quality Indicator
  • The 6-Stage Filter & RBD Plasma Air Purifier

    Anti-Flu HEPA Filter Removes Influenza Viruses
    Anti-Flu HEPA Filter that formulated by Ginkgo and Japanese Sumac extracts able to de-activate H1N1, Human Influenza (H1), and Avian Influenza (A1) by destroying the protein on its surface.

    Eliminate Cigarette Odors within Minutes
    The deodorizing function is improved by using AC deodorizing filter traps smoke particles and other undesired odors in minutes.

    Cluster Negative Ion Generator
    Air purifier generates cluster negative ion to eliminate activated oxygen and static electricity for clean indoor air.

    Rhythmic Cleaning System by Turbo Fan
    The turbo fan increases the clean air flow rate for nature-like fresh air as your home is an enclosed system and the air within it is circulated throughout.

    Futuristic Air Quality Indicator
    Air quality indicator provides visible color changes in accordance with indoor air quality levels detected by dual air quality sensors through futuristic LED display.

    01 Pre-Filter
    Filters large particles such as hair, pet dander and dust.

    02 Legionella Filter
    Filters Legionella, Staphylococcuss Aureus and other bacteria. Elimination bacterium that cause legionnaires. (the filter is an essential purification system necessary for elders and children with weak immunity). Legionella thrives in the mist sprayed from air conditioners can infest an entire building and collapse the respiratory system. Once infected, it undergoes a 2 to 10 day incubation period. The beginning stage of the infection is accompanied flu symptoms such as headache, high fever, chill, muscle ache, and chest pain. Eventually, it progresses into massive pneumonia symptoms causing death in some cases for elders due to rapid aggravation.

    03 Anti-Flu HEPA Filter
    Filters Cigarette smoke, micro dust, bacteria, virus and germs.

    04 RBD Plasma Filter
    Filters molds and germs such as Aspergillus Nigermand, E. Coli.

    05 Catalyst Filter
    Filters harmful gas such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other VOCs

    06 Advanced Deodorization Filter
    Filters VOCs, Bad Odors, Tobacco smell