• Suitable for use in offices (20 employees or more), restaurants and large family
  • Hot, Cold & Room Water
  • Micom-control System
  • UV Cycle System
  • 3 Preset Water Temp
  • Hot Water Safety Faucet
  • Advanced Micro-dust Filtering System
  • Electricity consumption is around RM9.10 per month (switched on 24 hours daily)
  • Various functions and greater capacity!

    Cold & Hot Water Level Control
    Enables user to control the level of High(H), Middle(M) and Low(L) temperatures according to the user’s preference.
    Convenient Display
    Enables user to check the condition of the unit with LCD display in detail.
    UV Cycle System
    Growing microorganism in the water tank is prevented with circulating water through UV lamp periodically.
    Hot Water Safety Faucet Device
    Equipped safety device prevents burns from hot water.
    Double Safety Water Level Controller
    The double water level controller prevents overflow from the water tank.
    Draining System in Front
    Front draining panel removes, improving convenience of draining water from the tank and maintaining the unit.
    Prevention of Fine Dust
    The fine post-carbon filter diminishes fine dust which can be flowed into the water tank.

    Plus Sediment Filter
    This plus sediment filter has the function to reduce infusible particles from feed water and to protect membrane and pre-carbon filter from being plugged.

    Pre-Carbon Filter
    This Pre-Carbon filter has the function to reduce aesthetic chlorine adn odor, volatile organic compounds(VOC’s).

    RO Membrane Filter
    RO membrane filter has the function to reduce water contaminants such as pentavalent arsenic, barium, cadmium, selenium, radium 226/228, trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium, lead, nitrate/nitrite.

    Inno-sense Filter
    Step 4 (Fine Post-Carbon): Reduces smell induction material, aesthetic chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and improves taste of water.

    Step 5 (Fine Dust Filter): Reduces fine particles.

    Ultra-Violet Lamp
    This ultra-violet lamp circulates the treated water inside the reservoir tank.

    ¬†Please read Coway’s Water Filter Technology for details.

    Water Filter
    Type Free Standing
    Colour White
    Filtration Method Reverse Osmosis
    Power Consumption Heater: 550W ; Compressor: 140W
    Tank Capacity Room Temperature Water: 15 L ; Cold Water: 5.1 L ; Hot Water: 3.6 L
    Filters & Sizes Plus Sediment 14″ ; Pre-Carbon 14″ ; RO-Membrance 14″ ; Inno Sense (Post Carbon & Fine) 14″ ; UV Lamp
    Dimension 380mm [Width] x 1257mm [Height] x 437mm [Depth]
    Net Weight 38.5kg
    Halal Certified Yes. By JAKIM Malaysia
    Water Filter Details
    Room temperature water Yes
    Cold water Yes
    Hot water Yes
    Temperature controller Yes
    Hot water safety lock Yes
    Low water level Yes
    Overflow controller Yes
    Temperature indicator Yes
    Water level indicator Yes
    Air tight tank Yes
    Power saving (Night Mode) Yes
    Ceramic filter No
    UV Lamp Yes
    One touch faucet No
    Auto flushing Yes
    Num. of Water Faucet 2
    Tank Yes
    Design Award No