• Designed for spacious space like business place and office
  • Purification ability reach up to 1500 sqft service area
  • Superb Capacity Air Purifier

    Outstanding Air Puriification Function
    With powerful purification system to quickly eliminate fine dust particles floating in air, the high-quality HEPA filter and SMD PLUS filter of reinforced anti-bacterial function safely protect you from dust and bad odor.

    4-Level Automatic Operation with Dual Pollution Detection Sensor
    With dust pollution sensor and odor pollution sensor, the pollution status is detected on the real-time basis. When automatic operation mode is selected, airflow is automatically controlled in accordance with pollution level in the surrounding environment. Thus, power consumption is minimized.

    A Variety of Operation Mode
    The specialized functions such as:

    • Sandy Dust Mode that removes dust rapidly
    • Deodorizing Mode that reinforce the function to remove bad odor
    • Automatic Mode that detects the level of dust and contamination simultaneously to automatically operate the system
    • High Speed Mode that maintain the clean state quickly to satisfy the need of our customers¬†

    Customer-centered Safe Design
    In order to secure safety of our customers, door switch automatically stops all operations when the front door is opened. Also, the safety designed sunction hole and blowhole prevents the danger of accident.

    When product is not in operation, blowhole is close to prevent dust and other foreign substances from flowing inside. Blowhole is opened only when product is in operation to prevent danger of accident. Also, airflow can be controlled in forward/ backward direction.

    Negative Ion Generation
    Product discharge of negative ion together with purified air. The negative ion generator produces a great amount of negative ion, allowing users to enjoy forest-like air. Negative ion is know benefit to purify blood, increase resistance force against diseases and adjust the automatic nervous system.

    Easy Control

    • Pollution Level Indicator
    • Timer

    01 Oil Mist Filter Customer can select one filter from 4 different types of filters namely, Anti-Legionella, Anti-Flu, Double-Deodorizing and Anti-Fungal, depending on needs.

    Anti-Legionella filter inactivates Legionnaires and allergen substances and filters them out.

    Anti-Flu filter

    removes the cold virus (H1) and alergen substances.
    Double-Deodorizing filter has additional filter that specialized in deodorizing and is effective to a place with unpleasant odor.
    Anti-Fungal filter inactivates germs and mold to filter those out.

    02 SMD (Special Medium & Deodorizing) Option Filter
    Coway air purifier originally adopted an oriental herb called Scutellariae Radix, which has excellent purifying efficacy, for its filter.

    03 Deodorization Filter
    Filters VOCs, Bad Odors, Tobacco smell